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Tragedy tomorrow — Comedy Awards today! Here’s an exclusive peek at a class photo from this year’s rib-tickling ceremony; how many bold-faced names can you spot?

(Answer: All of them.)

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A great take on Cobie Smulders’ involvement in the Avengers.





Kids, back in 2012, your aunt Robin wanted to do something more with her life. So she took her love of guns to an organization called S.H.I.E.L.D and fought alongside the Avengers.

Now, your Uncle Barney and I took it pretty hard; she was getting to spend a lot of time with another billionaire playboy, this guy named Tony Stark. Your Uncle Barney almost went crazy when he found out the guy had a metal suit.

“It shoots fireballs, Ted! He looks like a freakin’ storm trooper!”

Then your uncle Barney decided to fight back.


And Lilly showed up and was like, “I’m in a Joss Whedon thing too.”


But anyway, I met your mother through a mutual friend.

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The 10-Hour Pre-Avengers Marathon

Follow me on Twitter as I re-watch all five pre-Avengers films (The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor). For more on my “Pre-Avengers Marathon”, click here.

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Using an Example from “Breaking Bad” in a University Exam

Backstory: Tomorrow, I have a final exam for my Biomedical Ethics course, which counts for 50% of my final grade. For the exam, we are tasked with writing lengthy essays on two topics, chosen from a list of nine. We already know the nine topics and can thus prepare in advance. One of the topics I’ve decided I will write on is, vaguely, assisted suicide and euthanasia.Though there is obviously more to it than that, one of the many things I plan on discussing in the essay is the moral difference between passive and active euthanasia, using the work of one James Rachels. When I write on this subject, I plan to include the paragraph below (or what I can remember of it) as an example of this difference. The paragraph heavily references the show Breaking Bad. If you have not watched past Season 2, I recommend you do not read this. Enjoy. 

Rachels’ stated reasons that passive euthanasia is not morally preferable than active euthanasia can also be shown in a scene from the popular and Emmy-winning television series Breaking Bad. The two main characters in the series are a former Chemistry teacher (Walter White) and one of his former students (Jesse Pinkman), and the pair are in business together as creators and distributors of a particularly potent band of crystal meth. In one episode, Jesse’s girlfriend has threatened to blackmail Walter into paying Jesse a higher percentage of their profit. She also threatens that they will leave the country. That night, Walter breaks into Jesse’s apartment, only to find both Jesse and his girlfriend, Jane, passed out after using heroin. Walter the notices that Jane is lying on her side, and begins to vomit while unconscious. Rather than intervene and potentially save her life, Walter essentially commits passive euthanasia, and lets her die from asphyxiating on her own vomit. Her death ends up resulting in disastrous consequences; Jesse spirals into depression, thinking it was his fault. Meanwhile Jane’s father, working as an air traffic control officer, and struck by grief over his daughter’s death, allows a mid-air collission of two planes that results in the death of hundreds and a huge tragedy for their hometown of Albequerque.

This example is very comparable to the previous one Rachels gave of Smith and Jones. Jones and Walter White both refused to intervene, and indirectly caused the respective subject’s death. This is a form of passive euthanasia. Rachels accurately reasons that situations like these, where one party (Jones and Walter White) engages in passive euthanasia, are no better morally than those (such as Smith) who participate directly in the cause of death (active euthanasia). Rachels uses his example of Smith and Jones to prove that even though many believe that passive euthanasia is morally preferable than active euthanasia, in reality, there is no difference.

P.S. In addition to the above Breaking Bad example, I plan on using many other examples from pop culture. My other topic (once again, vaguely) concerns the right to have children. Though I won’t go into detail, in the writing of either of my two essays, I plan on also referencing Harry Potter, Futurama, Law & Order: SVU, and the work of Malcolm Gladwell.

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While filling the Tumblr queue of another blog of mine, I started to notice a trend. A lot of the stuff I was uploading to my blog shared a common theme: they were images of classy ladies. It was then that I decided rather than clogging my blog with the same type of thing, I would simply start a new one. Because after all, who doesn’t love a classy Lady?

Introducing our first honouree, and the very picture that set off my epiphany, the beautiful Scarlett Johansson.

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